Saturday, August 12, 2017


Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Hope you all are well.
Thank you for the comments.

Granny's vest is super simple. It only takes a couple
of minutes to make this.

Supplies: cotton cluny lace, scissors to cut, tiny button,
and a small threaded needle. I always use quilting thread
cause they are strong.

Granny wearing her vest.

The back of Granny's vest.

Granny's slip is merely a piece of white
cotton fabric sewn in the back. A piece of the cluny
lace is sewn towards the bottom to the cotton.
Once that is done,
I cut off any excess cotton fabric at the top,
and hand gather it around her body.
Am sure you all know how - this is for those
that do not sew a lot.

 For those of you that do not know what cotton
cluny lace is, this is what it looks like.

For the vest, you need approximately this much.
If you are unsure, then just cut more. Or read to
the end of the directions to get an idea.

The cluny lace only needs to be this wide. I used this
same size width for the slip as well.

Start by positioning the lace in the front. Refer to 
the complete picture of Granny, if necessary for the
placement. Ideally the center point is mid-way of
her neck. Make sure the lace is straight.

I have marked the spot with a pin of where
and how I want the hole to be for her arm
to go thru.

I cut only 2 of the threads. 

At this point before
you go any further, try it on your doll to see how it fits. 
If you need to cut another thread then do so then.

Ooo this fits nicely!

Now, take the cluny lace all the way around
to the other arm. See where you think that the
next hole needs to be. Be careful about stretching
the lace.  You do not want the back to be tight.

Again, I only cut 2 more threads. Then place her
arm thru it.

Now, judge the front. Make sure it meets
where you want it to. Cut off any excess
that you might have once you are satisfied
with the results. 

Next, take off the vest.

Thread your needle with white or cream thread. Start
at one edge and sew thru the top as you see here.

Once finished, it will look like this. Be sure to knot
both ends so your threads do not pull out.

Place the vest back onto your doll.

Just give one tie - DO NOT KNOT IT!!
You just want to make sure that the bottom ends
meet up good and that it all looks great.

Just a close-up to show only one tie - NO KNOT.

Go to the back of the doll and position the gathering
threads so they look nice.

Now you can knot it!
At this point, I will tell you DO NOT CUT THE
THREADS OFF!! If you are going to place a 
button there, then take those threads and thread
them thru the button. Then tie another knot and a
bow and then cut off the remaining threads if you
want. (I had meant to do this step, but forgot!)

Or if you prefer, then just tie in a knot, cut off the
threads, and glue on a button like so. 

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Thursday, July 13, 2017


Hello Everybody!
How have you been?

Thank you for your sweet comments!
They are greatly appreciated.

I have been trying to stay busy to keep
my grief at bay. Am not sure that it
works, but I try.

Granny's shower is very simple to make. I am
not sure if you have guessed what it is
or not.
When I made this shower, I was not sure
that it would look good.
But it does work and I am very pleased
with the outcome.

Do you remember what
Granny's shower looks like! Here are
4 pics to recap.
The curtain was made by taking a
piece of fabric that was about 
2 inches wide by the length that
I wanted. The shower curtain is
glued at the top under the valance.
It is shaped into place.
The valance was cut the desired
length and width that I wanted.
And then I lightly gathered the top
of the valance and glued it into
place. I did not hem the shower
curtain or the valance.

The pink tile is just paper that I printed
off of the internet. The same tile paper
covers the floor and the walls.
I did not do a good job matching the
tile together at the top. But it is okay.
I bought the shower nozzle and
the shampoo bottle. The hot and
cold knobs are just beads.
The little shelf was already attached
to the phone booth, but it was easy
to remove, so I tiled it to match
the shower tile. 

This pic is a close up.

I wallpapered the only side of the phone
booth that had a back with no plastic.

 This is the bottom of the shower. Look at the price
of this when it was new! Too pricey for me. In fact,
I never bought this item, it was given to me by a lady
that was getting rid of some of her stuff. I had no use
for it, but I do not turn down anything that anyone
gives me.
I have had this for many years and on Granny's 
apartment finally figured out what to do with it.
Have you guessed now what this is?

I did not take any pics of my progress, but I will
tell you what I did. 
Here is what the phone booth looked like when
I received it. It was in bad shape.

See how dirty the plastic is. I
was not sure if it would come clean
or not. The doors were easy to take 
off of the pins. I left the pins there
just in case I want to put them back
on. I hid the pins with the shower

A side view of the phone booth.

The phone sticker was so old that it peeled
right off of the plastic with no problem.
I kept it just in case I need it for

This is the back of the phone sticker. It was not
even glued. No wonder - who would have guessed!

The bi-fold doors are so cute. I contemplated using
them, but decided I liked the idea of a shower
curtain better. I will use these doors as a 
folding screen in another apartment.

Okay, for the first thing I did
was to remove the phone and the
little attached table. On the last
pic you can see the damage it
left on the inside wall. 
Next, you will need to clean it
up, take some window cleaner and clean
the plastic till it sparkles!
Then paint all of the wood pieces
inside and outside
white or any color that you
desire. Afterwards, save some
tile pictures from the net or
use what you have and tile 
anyway that you like. Add your
shower curtain, a valance and
you are done! So simple.
Just a little time consuming 
because of the paint. It took about
4 coats of paint on my shower to
get it to look like that. You might
want a few more coats if you are
going for a pristine look. If you
want shabby chic then stop painting
after a couple of coats.

Damage on the inside wall before it
was tiled with paper.
If you have a phone booth, I hope you get
some use out of it, if not a phone booth,
perhaps a shower!!
I hope you enjoy this tute!
Thank you for visiting me!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Granny's Apartment - The last section

Hello everybody.
I hope you all have been well.
Thank you very much for your
lovely comments. They are greatly
I still cry a lot. I miss my daughter
very much.
I cannot believe how fast the days are
flying by. On Saturday she will passed
away for a month already.
Anyway, it is hard to move on. But again
I try.

This is the last segment to Granny's apartment.
It has been hard to figure out how to show
this last section of her apartment. You will
see why and understand once you see the 
last photo's of how the apartment is laid out.

I have tried to put everything in order as usual,
however for this apartment I have decided to
start with the clothes first and take it from there.

This is the dress that hangs on the green bookcase,
otherwise known as her dresser. I had a hard time
photographing the dress - it is green. This is the
front. No fancy hanger as Granny is just into
the basics.
I bought this dress from ebay for little money
from a
Sorry, I forgot who sold it to me. But the dress
had the exact look that I was going for which
is something that looked old and still
had style. So this dress Granny cannot part
with, cause it is from her younger days.

Here is the back of the dress.
Cute - isn't it!

Here is Granny's robe and nite gown. It is
made from a stretchy knit fabric. It is not
tattered but old looking just the same. Granny
loves to wear white!

Here is the robe opened up.

Here is the nite gown.

Just a little bit of fabric, lace and ribbon.

This cute little set came from ebay with a seller
named: my newt. I bought this about 3 years ago.
It did not age very well. So much glue has turned 
yellow on the outside and the inside of each piece.
Granny's apartment was the perfect place to use 
these pieces here. 
However, these pieces are stiff!! I reckon because
of so much glue to hold it all together.
Nothing in Granny's apartment is suppose to 
match and she likes it that way.
The bra, panties and the corset are in still working

The backside does not look good either. They
look a little worse for wear, but they are not
holy or tattered or torn. There is a patch on
the inside of the bra - not done by me. I never
saw it when I bought it.
You can see everything when you take pics
of it. Some things do not show up right away,
they show up later!
However it is still a lovely Blue set!!

You can see the glue that has yellowed.
This is the bottom of the corset looking inside.

This is the back looking to the inside of the

The pocketbook is really cute. Love the laces
and the straps on here.

Much glue on the outside back piece.

More pieces that match the pocketbook, and all
of the underwear. This is a cute hat. Does not 
look bad from the sides.

You can see some dingy parts - that is glue. The hat
looks so good for it aging - at least Granny thinks
so. She loves her hat and will not be replacing it
any time soon!

The star is so cute on top of the hat. The bow is a
little big and stiff but I just left it that way.

There was also a hatbox - now what can I say about
that. The hatbox is so cute!!! It still looks very nice!.
From the upcoming pics you will see that it has not 
yellowed from any glue. Still looks brand new!
There is some blue tissue paper on the inside.

The hatbox has a cute emblem on the front!

Cute, cute hatbox!! Sweet ribbon, bow and trims.
The box reads Paris. Awesome!

Inside the hatbox and the hat. And the hat does
not fit in the box. 

This was a pocketbook that I made from a cute
tutorial that was floating around on the net.
So sorry that I cannot remember who made the
tutorial - but it is awesome. Petite...??
I like mixing things up. This pocketbook was
made from paper towel and strips of plastic.
I glued the strips to the paper towel for
some added strength. And around the top I 
sewed some pink floss and then with a button!
It is different and unique and I like things
that are different.
And yes this pocketbook will open!!
It is great to hold extra soaps or 
whatever you want to put inside. Easy to
close up too.

Here is the bottom of the pocketbook.

This is a baby button.

A little close up but is a little blurry. The pocketbook
is shiny!

These are some cute porcelain bunny slippers.
So little!
I do not know who made them or where
I got them from.
I have had them for a while.

These are a pretty blue! This is the true color of the

Cute - so cute!

The apartment has a few quilts that I made a few
years ago. I cannot remember the date. I think 
they are placed under the heading of 
'Make do' quilts.
I am glad that I finally found a place for them.

Here is the back side of the quilts.

The pink little crochet doily has hearts
on it. It folded up nicely.
The bottom quilt was easy enough
to make. The words:
'Home Sweet Home' came off of
something, that I do not remember
what. It was easy to strip the short
sides and the long sides to piece
it all together. 

Back of quilt is just a piece of muslin. I did not
even quilt the piece.

All of these quilts and pink crochet doily set a top
of the shower. She has to store them somewhere!

The toilet has an old rectangle plastic pink button.
Glued to it is strips of toilet tissue. So old - can you
tell? Also the sink has a cute pink bar of wrapped
soap. The skirt around the sink is easy to make.
Do you need a tutorial on how to make that?
the toilet also has a skirts on it. I will tell you
how I did that too.

I found this sticker among my stuff and just
thought it would be funny to use here. It has
a little piece of tacky wax to hold it up.

Here is the sink much better with the skirt. The
little quilt rack holds Granny's 2 towels and the
pocketbook. Also her shower cap sits on top ready
to be used. 

Here is where Granny's underwear is at. She
had to wash it so it hangs up in the shower
to dry!!

Her panties hangs from the shower head.
She uses Johnson's baby shampoo for
her hair and her skin. She thinks that
it softens just fine! Granny's always
try to get double use out of something!

Another peek in!

Another peek from the other side.

Her bra hangs up with a little bit of tacky wax.

Her bra and her corset!

It is drying really well.

See the patch on the inside of the bra. It is drying
really well also.

Just a look from the outside of shower.

Another peek!

Love the flower on the corset!

 A better overall view!

Here is where the shower stall stands.
The robe and nite gown hang on the
side. the shower curtain and valance
look good here and gives added color.
I wanted to get a pic showing the bra
hanging on the inside.
The black and white bathroom mats
are made from ribbon as is the toilet
set. You can see the grandfather clock
from the shower stall.

This pic was before I put the grandfather clock

Granny has to store the quilts somewhere!

Stacked to the ceiling!

A cute area.

Here is the other side of the apartment.
The bathroom is over here.

Up close of the toilet cover and mat. All
made from ribbon.

the shelves hold numerous things. On the
bottom shelf is a bodice, a powder box and
her brush, comb and mirror set.
Next shelf holds a few blouses, a pair of
old shoes and a necklace that she could
not part with.
The shelf nearest the pocketbook holds a 
pink box with letters and other notes
given to her by her husband. She had to
bring them with her to this apartment.
Also the red box holds a pair of white gloves.

the top shelf holds mainly empty boxes.

This is where the blue hatbox sits.

The dress hangs neatly here where
Granny can see it everyday. I am
sure she wishes that she could
still wear it. Even though the hat
does not match the dress, she still
loves to wear it out sometimes!

The pocket book hangs nicely here.

Just another view.

So far this was the best pic that I have of the robe
and nitegown hanging up.

Another look.

Peeking in!

A wide view!

You can see the apartment pretty good.

This is where the towel bar sets at. 
Granny's apartment is finished.
I hope you like Granny's apartment. I think that it
turned out good.
I hope you enjoyed it!
Thank you for visiting me!