Monday, May 22, 2017

My Daughter - Pep

Hello everyone.

Granny's apartment is finished and looks lovely.
Please bear with me as I tell you the bad
ache that I have in my heart.

I was going to post last Wednesday, but could not.
My words will be few in this posting.

My daughter was pronounced dead late Thursday
As her Mother, I am totally messed up right now.
She was one of the most 'Unselfish' people that I know!!
She was always caring for you, trying to help you in
anyway that she could. Pep was loving and sweet.
Funeral services are arranged but it will be around the
1st June before I post another segment of Granny's apartmt.

RIP my sweet daughter,

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Granny's Apartment #5 - The bed area

Hello Everybody!
Thank you for your sweet comments!!
They are greatly appreciated.
Am sorry about taking so long, but it
takes me a while to get things like
I want them.

Like all of my apartments, the rooms
are in sections. When I have to take
things out of the other apartments
to get to something - well, those
apartments are far easier than this
one. Granny basically sleeps in the
middle section. Also she does her
crafts in this section.
So to fix anything or to add in anything
in this section then I must take out the
bathroom and closet area.
So this is the reason for starting
at her front door.

Granny has been talking to the
movers. They unpacked a couple of
her boxes and placed her photo's on
her bay window just as she asked them
to. They do as Granny asks. The clock
in the window was so loved by her
hubby that she had to bring a piece of
him with her to her new apartment.
I will show you the other pics soon.

This is an old rug that Granny has owned
for ages. Actually I stole this from
another apartment cause it looks better
here. I made this rug back in the 1990s.
I do not remember the book but I wished
I had it as there were some really good
tutorials in it. It was a library book.
I would like to make a better one.

Here is the back. The glue has held up very well
considering its age. It has hardly yellowed. The
backing is cloth.

The movers placed the rug down exactly how
Granny wanted it. She likes her old rug. She
always says that you must blend the new in
with the old. Gives rooms personality.

Here is the window where the well-loved clock
will forever sit, that is as long as she lives here.
Her beloveds photo is the first man beside the
clock. She kissed his photo before she placed him
down beside the other people in her life. See, Granny
never had any children. The photo's are of nieces
and an ancestor.
I printed out a cigar box in memory of her
deceased hubby. And I cut numerous toothpicks
to fit inside. It is full with cigars! So much so, that
I had to put a little ribbon around the box to keep it
closed so I would not loose them! The ribbon can
come off easily as it is not glued to the box. I plan
on making a couple more and put them here
as they were fun to make. Every once in a while,
Granny opens the box up and smells the cigars.
Gee, they smell good!!

The old timey phone is also a piece belonging to
her hubby. It is no longer serviceable, but looks
good in the tiny space.
Beside it, is one of her sewing baskets. I do not
remember who I bought it from but I have had it
for years. And I am sure that it did not cost that
much back then.

Here is a better picture of the sewing box. The lid is
permanently glued to the box as it shows. So

A little better peek at the roses!

I intended to show the tiny roses better with
this picture. This was as clear as I could get it
for a top view.
This is an adorable sewing basket.

A closer look at the cigar box and pics. Although
light did not do well on the photo's.

Granny instructed the movers to place her
table and chairs right here. She has been placing
lunch up there because her friend the Widow
Sally is coming by so they can do some sewing!
I have had this set for a very long time. I do
not know who sold it to me, but it has taken me
at least 3 years to place it somewhere. I am
glad that it finally found a home here.

Look at how dainty it all looks!! Of course it
is all glued down.

Here is the top! They are eating sandwiches with
a green olive on top. a slice of tomato and some
potato chips. Ooo and a cup of coffee!

This is the best photograph for seeing the centerpiece!
It is a teacup! This is so lovely!! And so tiny!!!
It is so hard to believe that a tiny scene was placed
here. The little stones appear to be made of clay.
Wish I could remember who sold me this!

See the back of the cup!

And the top!! Look at all of those flowers and
foliage. Amazing!

This lady had talent!!

And of course the last side of the teacup that is
sitting on its little matching saucer.

This is Granny's bedcover! Made by just_jas on
ebay. Her blankets are so soft! If you have something
that you want special to be made just message
her. Her name is Lynda!
Lynda is a sweet lady so check her out!
Here is a lovely blanket she has made and she
makes others! Check her out here:

Granny's bed has a pretty green
sheet with a pretty pink top sheet.
It has a matching pink pillow
and a ribbon pillow.
Granny got rid of her old bed
for a newer one with an old
style. She sleeps alone now, so
no need for a full size bed.

A view of the foot. Here you can
see where I sewed on the green
ribbon for a dust ruffle. The same
ribbon used for the window valance.

The head of the bed where I started and stopped
with the dust ruffle.

The top sheet is just pinned down to stay. I try not
to use glue unless I have to.

Here are the pillows on the bed. I did not
want a pillow sham. Granny does not sleep
with them.

Don't you agree that this is a lovely

I was experimenting on how I wanted
the bedspread to go.

Since the bed will go against the wall.
I opted for the blanket to touch the floor
on one side.

This is where Granny's bed is going. At least
that is where she told me to put it!

A view of the items on the bay window looking in
from the outside. I am for sure a peeping tom!

I love to see things thru the window!

Here are the pictures that are going up on Granny's
wall above her bed.
The brown wood frame houses a birth certificate
that I cut out of a magazine back in 1995. When
my grand daughter was born I wrote in her name
and her date of birth and all of the other necessary
information that the certificate asked for. As you
can see the frame is a little bigger than the certificate, but
it does not look bad. This was written in 20 years
ago. I forgot that I had it until I found it in one of
my miniature boxes.
So anyway, I will be putting the pictures on the
wall in this order.
I found 3 frames that did not have pics in them,
so I had to go looking for something to fit them.

I found 2 doll pictures in my miniature dollhouse
magazine and cut them out. They just fit in these
2 frames. I could not find a picture to go into the
last frame so I opted not to use it.

So far, here is what the room is looking like with
some of the bay window showing.

Here is the room showing the pics on
the wall. Granny is really pleased with
the movers. They moved her bed aside
to hang the pictures and then pushed
it back against the wall for her.
This is Granny's first night sleeping
in her new apartment. She is very

I think the pics look great above Granny's
bed! This view came from outside the bay

Here is a better pic of the pictures looking thru
the window!
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the middle
section of Granny's apartment. I am still not thru
here. More to come under the bay window. I am
amazed at how much this apartment is holding!
I hope you have enjoyed this bed area and the
little story that I am putting with it.
Thank you for visiting me! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Apartment #5 - Granny

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all have been well!

Okay, Granny's apartment is finished!!

The way that the apartment is set up,
means that I cannot just take the pics
and place them here. You would not be
able to see everything if I did that.
So, I will post till finished!

Her name is Rose Marie Thomas but here
we just call her Granny! At least the movers
have been calling her that. (that's me).
Everyone loves
Granny moved from a larger apartment into
a smaller one because she lost her husband
Harry a few years ago. The memories there were
tearing her up inside. She has been diligently
getting rid of many things, her sofa for one
thing. It was big and really old.
She got rid of all of Harry's things except for
his pictures. She has no children, she is alone.
That is, except for the widow Sarah.
They became great friends 10 years
before Harry died and have remained friends
ever since. They help each other in many
Granny and widow Sarah are both ladies of the
1950s. So I hope their clothes will reflect
some of that. Widow Sarah needs re-dressing.

Today the 2 of them spend their time and days
making quilts and selling them for much
needed income.

I tell you - I was going for a decorating
style that nothing matched. But seems
that I cannot do that!
You know how old fashioned granny's
from that 70s era did not have anything
that matched. At least my Grandmothers'
things never matched.
The saying back then was 'waste not want not'.
They never threw away anything
even if it was ugly!!

The movers have been moving Granny in
little by little so as not to tire her out!
Granny is waiting for the movers to
bring in a box or 2. They will help her
unpack, put things away and remove
the boxes when done.

A sneak peak!
You can see where
the bathroom is going.

At one end of the apartment. You can
see where the apartment owners are
putting the bathroom.

The movers helped Granny hang her lace
curtains. They put the food in her refrigerator
already and put all of her cleaning supplies
under her cabinet. Not much storage in
this apartment, but she does not
need anymore room than this.
She kept her cutting board and placed it
behind her faucets. She has a couple
of kitchen towels folded up and placed
on white of the tiny shelves.
The blue and brown tall plastic things
are her drinking glasses.
Her honey pot is on the top shelf. She
had to bring it here cause it was
a gift to her back in the early 70s.
A few pink cups with saucers is all
that she needs.
She is warming a hamburger and French
fries in the microwave cause one of
the movers is so hungry!
He will take
his food and go - ever so thankful to her!

This refrigerator and sink first started out
white. I then painted it pink - that did not look
very well in this apartment. It was too shabby
looking for the wallpaper! When I painted it
a soft green - I knew then that this was the color
needed for the apartment.
Granny is happy with it!

The wood accordion style hat holder beside
the door is the only thing in the entire
apartment that is left in its original form.
I wrestled with the idea of painting it, but
thought better of it, since most everything
in this apartment is painted.

In this pic you can see the lace panel a little
better. Looks sweet - kind of like Granny.

No room for her dish drainer to set near the sink,
so she must use it and then stick it back on top of
the refrigerator. It will be its new home. 

The pot marked 'Bread' is no doubt my favorite!
I have owned it for many, many years and do
not remember how I acquired it.

I love the oldness that paint creates.

The inside reminds you of how much it was lovingly
once used. Now no longer useable to make food.
A pot now to store bread.

Granny's apartment should be called
'The apartment of ribbons'!
I have used lots of ribbons in this apartment
then in any other!
The lace is pieces put together 'bought at the
store' like that. The bottom layer is white, the
middle layer is a soft pink and then white again
at the top. I glued this lace at the window at the
'tippy top' part of the window!
I love the beautiful curtains that you all make, but
I can hardly cover the windows up - as I like to
be able to see thru them to the inside.
Perhaps I am a 'peeping hopblogger'!!

I thought that the only thing needed was a simple
valance. It is made from a ribbon that a friend
sent to me. The ribbon is 2 inches high.

To make this ribbon valance - I measured the
width of the window and doubled the ribbon.
Then I turned in the sides and hand stitched
them closed. I ran a small running stitch at the
top and gathered it all to fit the window.
The ribbon only covers a little bit of the window.
In order to get the ribbon to stay up, I had to
glue it to the wall. The only part that is not glued
is the bottom part that hangs below the window!
I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pics and
learning a little bit about Granny.
Next week another posting as the movers help
her move in her bed.
Thank you for visiting me!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Apartment #5 - Flooring

Hello Everyone!
I bet you thought I forgot you!

How have you all been? Did you
have a nice Easter!

The flooring and the window is the
last things that I pick out before I start
posting everything. I strive to make each
apartment with different layouts.
Here the paper flooring was just glued down.

The flooring is still drying, but I got anxious!
You can see where the kitchen is going!
I still have to look for the rest of the pink china to
go on the shelves. I need something on top of the
refrigerator. It looks so bare there.
I still have not picked out curtains yet and there
are still some other things that I cannot make my
mind up. But I do know where most of the furniture
is being placed.
Hopefully only a couple more weeks left!
I hope you have enjoyed what you see.
Thank you for visiting me!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Apartment 5 - Viewing the Apartment

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for your sweet comments!
I want you all to know that I do visit your
blogs and enjoy them so much!!
Have any of you all been getting sick! Well I went
and did it. I caught that nasty mess that is going
around! Everyone in my house got sick except
for my daughter.
Please try not to catch this stuff. I have lost 4
pounds just from being sick. And I am still
Okay, this apartment is being viewed by a
lady that needs a place to live.
Her name is Rose Marie Thomas. I am
pretty sure that you are going to like
Most people just call her Granny.
Say hello to Granny!!!
This is what Granny looks like
when you buy her.
But her face is so darling! I am still
puzzled as to what that thing is on top of her
Her hair is uneven. Her clothes are not
But you cannot beat the price for her!
Many years ago I bought her for
about $6.00. I did not look to see
if she still sells that low??
Go take a look.
Granny looks much better now!!
I removed that thing from her
hat - that was the first to get
tossed! In its place was a
pink rose that I glued on.
My daughter sewed in beads.
Can you see them? She did
a very nice job! Thank You
I removed that tan colored
shawl that she had on and
replaced it with my own version
of a vest with a new longer
red shawl with fringes. I
bought the red fringed shawl
from just_jas on ebay. She
makes lovely miniature
dollhouse crocheted bedding
in silks/bamboo along with afghans.
They are SUPER-SOFT!!!
If you want/need something
special just ask her! I buy
everything I want here with
her. She is super nice!!!
Check her out here!!! Just
copy and paste it on ebay.

I gave her a simple slip that has
cluny lace all around its
base.  I hiked up her dress on the
sides and roses are placed there.
There is black button on her
vest and another black button
sewed at the back of her skirt.
Around her neck she carries a cameo that used
to be her Mothers. The necklace is made to be
this long so that it does not hide the red belt.
Again Thank you Pep for fixing the necklace
for me!!
BY THE WAY - there will be 2 TUTORIALS
with this apartment. One will be how to make
this 2 MINUTE VEST!!!! And the other Tutorial
is a surprise!!
I hope you like the new Granny!!
Granny went by a Realtor the other day looking
for a new apartment cause the other apartment
was not in a convenient place anymore. She
now needs to be closer to food stores so she
can go and buy her food and anything else
she may need.
The realtor told her about this apartment. Also
told her not to be alarmed, cause they were
renovating this apartment. He said, 'The doors
are open. Look around. If you like the place,
come back and put a deposit on the place
before someone beats you to it.'
So here is Granny!
Granny has just stepped inside the apartment.
The door was unlocked.
She is looking around, 'Oh my, this is a small
apartment. But it is a little bigger then where
I am living now.'
Granny walked over to look at the shower. She
noticed that it did not belong here, but where
does it belong?? She thought, this is new.
That made her happy to have new things.
She then walked over to the sink. Not bad she said
aloud. After all no one would hear her talk to herself.
It is clean.
'Oh my, the window is not here! I hope they put
it in soon'.
Granny decided to look at the toilet.
'This is very nice and a new one'.
'The sink is not bad either. This is a new
Then Granny saw that ugly mirror.
'Oh dear'. she exclaimed. 'That is the
ugliest mirror I have ever seen in my
life, and it is so nasty. I will have to
tell the realtor that I want a new one'.
Granny looked around a little more
and decided to go back and see the
She needed to put down her deposit
to secure the apartment would be
Granny told me to tell you, 'I hope to
see you soon in my new apartment'!

Is the wallpaper too romantic for a
Granny? I am sure that she loves
those roses!

I hope you enjoyed Granny. She is thinking
of all of you. And she is waiting for me
to hurry up with her apartment.
I can only go so fast.

Thank you for visiting me!